The Battle

September 29, 2017
By Evan03 BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
Evan03 BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
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We prepare for battle
We will never worry
We are never rattled
And are in no hurry

We stand there and wait in silence
Preparing for our foe
We are the face of defiance
One everyone will know

We take the field like lions in a thunderous roar
We love the fight
We always want more
Before the end of the night

From the first whistle to the last
We will be on top
We leave it all in the past
Because we will never stop

We will get knocked down
We will get beat up
But we will get up now
And shut them up

We love this fight
We want more
Under the lights
You hear our roar

We are the best
We are prepared to show it
All of the rest
Will soon surely know it

The author's comments:

Dear Editor, 

I'm a high school senior from Canton High School. My passion is football and I think the poem the Battle would be a nice addition to your page. 


Evan Otto 

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