The Wall of Give and Take

September 15, 2017
By Jordynkb SILVER, Brown City, Michigan
Jordynkb SILVER, Brown City, Michigan
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Come back to this Hollow stone

Reaching for a single echo

Turning as cold as my own

Eyes fear he graces the Meadow


Burning from his Broken Arrow

Noble Doves death, tampered my heart to quake

Promptly soothe this aching Sparrow

Wooden Crux will Smolder, only to break


My life to offer and his to forsake

Portray your biddings unto me

Crow, isn't my worth like a worm to take?

No trade forged, nor ear for my plea


To some I am Labeled as Free

Your Brand on stone renders me otherwise

My Dove, snatched the day of treaty

Now is a dismal day through dismal eyes


Bless, these wide eyes should have known

While worth the time and Bellow

I will hold love for you, please don't mistake

'Lone I stand at The Wall of Give and Take

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