July 12, 2017
By WillNotShutUp PLATINUM, Black River, Other
WillNotShutUp PLATINUM, Black River, Other
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"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." -J.R.R. Tolkien

I've breen watching you for a while

Your darkened eyes and empty smile

Sobs forced into a hearty laugh

Pretending to be whole when you're broken in half


You eye those blades on the shelf

Deciding to use them to hurt yourself

On the top of a building, toes hanging over

Feeling that your life and happiness is completely pover


You say that the planets will still fly around the sun

Life will continue and time will still run

So you say that you won’t be missed

You have never even been kissed


But I don’t care who you are

Don’t care where you live, near or far

I don’t even know your name

But I don’t want you to kill your flame


I couldn’t care less what you do

I don’t care what you look like too

But put down that blade, please

Undo the noose you made by the trees


You fight battles everyday of your life

For you, the darkness is rife

But you don’t have to fight it alone

I’m there to be your pillar, your rock, your stone


Please just don’t do it

Please don’t just quit

I’ll be whatever you need

Just don’t end it, I plead


You are the future of our Earth

Your mind, ideas, heart are of so much worth

You might be the start of a new era or age

But not as long as you lock yourself in a cage


Your darkened eyes can finally cry

Your empty smile can stop the lie

You can break and show you’re broken

Let your pain and tears be spoken


Then you and I can stitch you back together

The colored thread making you more beautiful than ever

But only as long as you keep a promise between you and I

Stop replacing tears with blood; just wrap your arms around my body and cry.

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