The Ultimate Battle

May 23, 2017
By nessman543 PLATINUM, Middleburgh, New York
nessman543 PLATINUM, Middleburgh, New York
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You may never know what you lack,
What it’s like to have no regrets
From the sins crawling on your back,
Knowing it was worth every breath.

So we may sin, so we may kill,
But it’s to defend and protect
The young poor, weak, and even ill,
Understand our cause, you reject.

Stand, fight, because you know it’s right,
Don’t complain that it’s unethical,
It’s either that or die tonight,
We choose this ‘cause it’s logical.

As I watch all my comrades fall,
I remember what we fight for,
The reason we don’t need to stall,
Can’t let them into people’s cores.

Even if I stand here alone,
Won’t let my death be impotent,
Raise my sword and use skills well honed,
Kill them, so no one does again.

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