Good and Evil

May 14, 2017
By cbonin BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
cbonin BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Throughout my life he holds my hand
and poisons my inner thoughts.
I beg him please to go away,
But our paths continue to cross.

He makes a home deep in my soul
Which makes me the more immoral.
But she is there to cast him out
And end the lifelong quarrel.

Her radiant light seems to chase him away,
Yet he will try to return.
The hurt replaced by love in my heart
Will cast out his sinful thorns.

The author's comments:

Emily Dickinson's style of writing was my inspiration for writing this poem since I was trying to personify the abstract concepts of good and evil that every person faces in their own lives. Moreover, I hope that people will realize from my poem that even though dark times may grip us and evil may seem to cover the only light we see at the end of the tunnel, in the end that ligth will penetrate through the darkness and heal us.  

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