Death Lovers

March 30, 2017
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You’ll pay,Oh one day,
one day,Regret, regret,
Oh not just yet,

He was a was a sinner,
A Gentleman,
She was a winner,
A heart breaker,

I'm a lost spirit,
I lost my chance,
I deserve it,
Never again will I advance,
I misted the dance,

She broke my heart,
That night,
Straight apart,
I saw her right,

She looked in careerosity,
Who open the door,
Oh what for,

He said those words of love,
She told of heart breakers,
He was shoved,
She didn't know she was,
Until they meant,
Not enough regret,

He loved her,
Their they were,
And gone,

I Took my last breath,
And jumped,
Plummeting to my death,
The trees tried to catch me,
The filth cracked ground caught me,
In time for me to say my goodbyes,
Bloody byes to the backs of guys,

Blood is mighty red,
You can’t take back the words said,
Like the blood bleed,

The cloth white,
White As day,
As the body slipped away,

The funeral was dark,
She heard every word,
She left more than a make,
It was a blur,

Then she was there,
In my presence,
Not a tear,
There was a pleasance,
In the night,

The peace,
She was beautiful
That broke over me,
She was a rose,
Well I suppose,
The most beautiful,
thing in the world,

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