Poison Apple

March 27, 2017
By sneha14 GOLD, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
sneha14 GOLD, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear and how to be free from it. That's the point."


You know the tale and you know the way,
You’ve learned from her past and you’ve learned it hurts.
You think it may be different, and you think that you could be right,
But a leopard can never change its spots.

She knows your destiny and she knows that she hates you
She thinks you know and she thinks that just maybe you’re unsure.
She hopes that you’re as foolish as the one who came before you and she hopes you choose wrong,
But she forgets that every rose has its thorn

You try to stand tall and you try to resist,
You pretend to remain unaffected and you pretend to stay strong.
You hope that it’ll be different this time, you hope that you will not give in to her.
But only the good die young.

She waits until you’re weakest and she waits until you give in,
She smiles because you’ll take it and she smiles because she knew it all along.
She holds it out to you and she holds on to her persistence,
And eventually, she watched you cross your heart and hope to die while you take a bite

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on Apr. 23 2017 at 6:49 pm
WolfWhisperer0911 DIAMOND, Crosby, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"For I command you, be brave and steadfast! For the Lord your God will be with you whenever you go."
-Joshua 1:9

"Throw me to the wolves, and I'll return leading the pack."- Unknown

"Never moon a werewolf." -Mike Binder

@sneha14 Awesome job! I love the description and the meaning is so true and deep. Keep up the amazing work!

kissthemoon said...
on Apr. 23 2017 at 12:35 pm
kissthemoon, Miami Beach, Florida
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wow! this poem is amazing. its so deep and descriptive.

on Mar. 31 2017 at 8:59 am
Ray--yo PLATINUM, Kathmandu, Other
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Favorite Quote:
God Makes No Mistakes. (Gaga?)
"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." -Liesel Meminger via Markus Zusac, "The Book Thief"

This is hauntingly beautiful. Great work!

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