Stronger Than Any One God

March 23, 2017
By AddisoMLeo GOLD, Crest Hill, Illinois
AddisoMLeo GOLD, Crest Hill, Illinois
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"Such a cruel boy. Telling me to dream one more time. I thought I was satisfied because my dream had come true... And I'd told myself it was enough... Yet here you are, watering this withered heart again."

All my life I followed the beliefs of Greek Mythology
That there were gods for all sorts of things
Gods of magic, wine and love
No god more powerful than that of Zeus

All my life I believed a single myth
That people were born of double their arms and legs
With a head of two faces
Joined together at the literal hip

All my life I believed Zeus struck these beings
That he believed them too strong
Stronger than anything he’d ever seen
A fear for the all powerful god

All my life I believed the two remain apart
That Zeus forced them to find each other
To travel the ends of the earth
Searching for their other half

All my life I believed in this other half
That I too was struck by Zeus
Forced to search on and on
For my other half

All my life I will believe they’re out there
That one day I will find them
And together we will be strong
Stronger than any one god.

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