Old Friends

March 16, 2017
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I knew an earth once, of fire and water and stone
Where rivers meet the oceans, and nobody could be alone
No fickle sins to be confessed, no troubles to atone
No people forced into darks woods, where nothing good would roam

When nightmares would not chase me, and dreams led me by hand
Where choirs sung and highborn hopes led me to the promised land
No army in the universe could rival my merry band
When we would lift a glorious voice and rejoice “isn't this world grand?”

As leaves turn gold and children old these things must come to end
Time takes away all childhood and leaves old scars to mend
So many sunny days in well worn books did I spend
But from time to time I'll pick up a book and greet a faithful friend

So many happy memories are hidden in that page
The ink all cracked and sheets all torn and yellowing with age
Characters of wit and will have played upon that stage
So full with wonderous adventures, with lessons kind and sage

Many of their lives I have lived, but mine I have yet to play
Within these well-loved novels, I know I cannot stay
And still my fond, merry band will never go away
And lead me to the right path every time I go astray

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