A Victim of Your Mind

January 23, 2017

When life was a game, you were its winner
Your volatile actions earned the title, “greatest sinner”
Harmless at first glance, what a misconception of a notion
Only to yourself was your greatest devotion

Those who knew of you had good things to say
But your personal ties knew to keep you at bay
A glimpse of peculiarity shone in your eyes
And for your ruthless crimes you would soon be despised

Peering in closer, these acts time reveal
That sick brutality gave you great zeal
Unspeakable actions and merciless crimes
Your deviant behavior at a high for its times

The world would soon discover your lack of remorse
And for your malevolent thoughts there would be no recourse
A psychopath under the radar; a menace of your own mind
Sadistic thoughts engulfed you with harm of every kind

Victor of the game of life, advance to this next level
Prepare to put your wits to the test; in ---- you verse the Devil
Mortal soul accept defeat, for earthly crimes do not compare
In Satan’s kingdom you have no power; enter if you dare

A whole new realm of evil withstands the test of time
In this wicked place of callous, you face the devil at his prime
Your turn to make a move before the final round
But all your thoughts have frozen; confusion is abound

Your dire weapon has besieged you, no longer you have control
Deafening silence impresses upon you; survival is your only goal
Your sickly mind betrayed you, your thoughts no longer vain
Manipulation has taken over, because Lucifer will always

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