The Wedding

November 30, 2015
By Caycethepoet SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Caycethepoet SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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The sun shines outside
Jubilant and filled with glee
And though she’s tried
The storm inside, refuses to subside
And the one thing she has to fear
Is the thing that she can’t flee

The one she loves has left her
All her dreams are shattered
There is no sound, except for the cat’s purr
And all reality seems a blur
All hope is lost
And her thoughts of love feel battered

Love left quietly in the night
Making no effort to explain
There’s nothing in her mind but fright
As she realizes what will bring back light
Her sadness turns to anger
As she plans to end the pain

She stands up and goes off to bed,
As the sun begins to drop.
She lies awake, thoughts of revenge running through her head
She thinks through the memories, and her heart fills with regret
She nods away, into thought of a better place
And knows that when morning comes, all the pain will stop

She wakes up bright and early
Vengeance on her mind
He’ll soon regret it surely
She makes herself look girlie
As pretty as can be
This time, without a doubt, she will not be declined

She goes out on the town
And visits all her friends
Her hair is shining, straight and brown,
As she slips into her untouched wedding gown
She goes to find her lovers muse
To make the atrocity end

She goes into the closet of the woman who had the affair
Finds the adulterer’s nicest bows
And binds her to the chair
My lover loves me, he would not lie, now tell me where he is, where?
The fear is in the woman’s eyes, but nonetheless she says
He’s waiting at the church for me, pacing between the rows

She’s filled with rage at the thought
Her lover to marry someone else
She leaves that house distraught,
Leaving the woman’s bindings taut.
She finds him in the church
And though she’s filled with anger,
Her heart still nearly melts

She sneaks up behind him
Glowing in her dress
Then follows her first whim
Across his face, her hand goes, making his head swim
He lies unconscious on the floor
As she talks to her imaginary guests

She goes into the bathroom
Makes sure she looks okay
Thinks nothing of her lover’s doom
And then walks out, fully in bridal costume
She walks down the aisle, her lover at her side
And marries him there, while his consciousness is at bay

She drives him to his house
And there she does not linger
She twists the knob, as quiet as a mouse
Then changes to her nicest blouse
Then she leaves her lover there, unconscious
With a wedding ring on his finger

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