June 4, 2015

Multiple personalities, but

don't dare call us two-faced;

we'll clean your mouth out with

tooth paste.


We get bored easily, so don't stay in

our space so freely, we just might make you

sleepy, after we do a TP.


Can sometimes be a little mean,

we may even cause a scene, but

don't get it twisted, our overall

personality is sweet.


Our brains are so intellectual,

we could carry on a conversation

about Mexico; oh yeah, did I mention

that we're very flexible?


So indecisive, we can't make

up our minds, our ways of thinking

can sometimes be a waste of time.


Our valued name is loyal, being

friends with us is royal; when you

associate with us, there's no turmoil.


At the end of the day, our love is

sweet as pie; you'll see once you

catch the eye of a gemini.

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