A Romance Trilogy

March 15, 2014
By BohemianRhapsody96 SILVER, Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania
BohemianRhapsody96 SILVER, Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania
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I. Lonely

There’s no one for me

Not one that I can see

It seems that they all run away

When I try to be me

Oh why am I so lonely

I do not wish to be lonely

I see you standing there

With your perfect hair

I wish that you could be mine

Oh that’ll be the day, so fair

Oh why am I so lonely

I do not wish to be lonely

I hate being this loney

I need somebody

So hear me please, Penelope

I just want you to want all of me

Oh why am I so lonely

I must stop being this lonely

Lonely is all I am

But who needs love anyway?

II. All I Think Of

Truth be told

Lo and behold

All I think of is you

I cry at night

‘Cause it isn’t right

All I think of is you

When you walk on by

I always say ‘hi’

‘Cause all I think of is you

You’d be my Queen

I want you so bad

Even if you’re mean

I wouldn’t be sad

I’ll follow you anywhere

You’d like me to

I’d go everywhere

No matter with who

Whenever I speak your name

I do it justice, not shame

‘Cause all I think of is you

III. Penelope

I was scared when I first met you

Terrified at what you’d do

But that was then, wasn't it?

You showed me how

True love could be

So you said and now I can see

You’re all I ever needed Penelope

It turned out you were scared as well

That our romance be doomed to Hell

But you don’t fear Satan, do you?

We were just fine, we let it be

Just like Sir Paul McCartney

And things are all perfect, Penelope

If I could get alone with you
Imagine the things that we could do
Watch a movie maybe, darling?
So come, sit down and have some tea
Please don’t leave and let me see
The beauty that you are, Penelope.

The author's comments:
My heart has been heavy as of late, which inspired me to write this. Part I, entitled "Lonely" is how I felt a month or so ago. It was written to closely match the lyrics of Queen's "Who Wants To Live Forever". Part II, titled "All I Think Of" is a simple piece, but it describes my mood now. Part III is titled "Penelope", named after the trilogy's protagonist. Penelope is also the name of Odysseus' loyal wife who kept the suitors at bay until her faithful husband returned. This piece was written with Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" in mind. The name Penelope bears no significance to my personal life.

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