A Confession

July 11, 2013
I have confession to make, my Lord,
a confession most sincere.
It comes to mind that it might be mad
to ease your doubt with fear.
Last night I woke in the pale night,
by what I cannot say,
but then I heard the tune of the string
somewhere far away...
Somewhere far away...

It was loud and bombastic,
it's true, fantastic,
and I longed to hear it played.
So I followed the sound
and woe that I found
Dead in the garden to-day...
Dead in the garden to-day...

He was up on high
and the dead below
and they all danced through the night.
Their bones were hard
but their song in the yard
made their hearts melt in light...
Made their hearts melt in light...

It's true it made my heard sing,
to hear such a lovely ring,
and I could not stand
another band
the played that merry tune!..
That played that merry tune!..

So it is with sorrow that I confess to-day,
if you will forgive me, Lord,
I no longer go to church......
for Death offers it's own reward!

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