So Far Away When Right Next To Me

May 10, 2013
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Sometimes I lie awake at night and wish I could reach you – get inside your head.
You’re a thousand algorithms complicated and yet an open book, so far only I have read.
When I say you’re the best there’s only fact there, so you have right to be proud,
But when I say that I love you I never say it aloud,
Because I’d rather live in the background then be alone on the stage,
Instead of knowing you hate me, I’d rather lock my heart in a cage.

I miss you, I love you, how can you be so far away when right next to me?
And how could you read the thoughts I don’t let you see?
You’re out of my league, by many stairwells and seas,
But I’ll be right here for you if you ever need my help, anytime you please.
You’re a mystery I’ve unravelled, only to find,
That you’re perfection inside and out, both brilliant and kind.

Now watching myself lose you, I stand by to view,
My world collapsing around me in a grey-coloured hue.
And all the good dreams I’ve had, where it was just you and me,
Might as well have been nightmares, for those I’ll be sorry.
For you were destined for greatness from the day you were born,
And I’ve always been for the rainy days, and you’ve better for the morn.

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