March 21, 2013
You can prove nothing from yourself.
Whether that makes you selfish or shy,
People can make you feel small, and worthless;
Totally self-aware, and self-conscience.

You can make yourself crawl on your knees and slap someone because of what you’re feeling.
You can make yourself feel bitter…and…lonely.
You can pretend to be the person that you know you’re not, only because it’s what you think you need to do to make yourself better and worthy.
But they can make you feel worthless.

And you know you’re not perfect.
They don’t need to point it out.
But you see yourself differently than the meaningless words they don’t fulfill.
All that’s filling is emptiness, and being lost in your own silence.
And you know it hurts.

It hurts like it did when you scraped your knee when you were four.
But back then, people were there for you to pick you back up.
Falling now is different.
When you fall, you fall alone.
And those people that you want to fall with you are the people who tripped you.

They don’t ask you how you feel, because they know how you feel.
Those same people who put a smile on their faces have cried and tried to find their own way out too.
But the reason why they hurt you, is because they hurt too.

And they know what its like.
They don’t need to put up a fight to tell you how they feel, because they’re weak.
They’re weaker than the first snow of the season that doesn’t stick to the ground because they’re groundless.
They don’t know how to feel because they’re mean.

And I guess if that makes them selfish, at least they tried.

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