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November 25, 2012
By dysfuntellect DIAMOND, Yorktown, Virginia
dysfuntellect DIAMOND, Yorktown, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Everything that you want is on the other side of fear- George Adair

Your icy stare
Your stone-cold eyes
Your long eyelashes
Your perfect lies.

Your wispy hair
Your darkened skin
Freshly tanned
Fit but thin

Your soft worn hands
Your dry humor
Your great big smile
Spreading a lengthy mile

Your expensive scent
Your leather shoes
Your Prada belt
Your cliché moves

Your Curves and all
The way you move
Your simple gestures
Your girls that drool

Well I'm not another girl
I don't plan on being played
I'm not one of your girls
And I'll never change

And if you don't like that
I'm sure others are willing
I'm sure you won't mind
That it's not me you're getting

Don't write me a song
Or a love sonnet or poem
You're wasting my time
You're a player and you know it!

I have my own life
And I don't need you in it
You're a mistake
Your first impression was too explicit

What you're doing isn't okay
What you're doing is wrong
You need to tell your precious girls
That you're not looking for love

You're looking for low-standards
A pornstar at the least
And if it seems to you that I match that
Your perspective is out of reach

You don't need a girl
You're not even ready for a woman
What you need is a lady
Who'll treat you with precision

Who'll treat you the way you treat her
So don't expect respect
Because you treat us like toys all the time
It's the least that you could get

Yes you are attractive
But I hate that so much
You make me love you
Each and every day
From the bottom of my heart

I hate it when you lie
And when you say goodbye
I hate the way you laugh
I hate the time we pass

I hate it when you get on my nerves
And I hate that you're a mess
But I hate the fact that I hate you most
When you love me best.

I loved you from a distance
When I met you from the start
I saw it in your icy stare
That's when you stole my heart

I hate the way I love you
And I hate that you love me too
But I love you stronger everyday
Because we said "I do"

You make me wiser
You make me strong
You are my hero
You are my rock

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