The Lost Words

November 10, 2012
I can feel you lingering near
Whispering lost words I wish to hear
Hovering just out of reach
Many times for you I beseech

Yet still you stay out of arm's reach
Draining every ounce of my strength
Loving the way you drag me down
I try my best not to drown
Under your lost words
The silence plunges into me like swords

Every fiber of me being longs for what would've been
I'm still plagued with the dreams every now and then
They're all that remains of what was
Of what ended with no visible cause

Was there an act against you on my part?
If so, the memory's been thrown out by my heart
I wish you wouldn't hang about
Just choose me or cut me out

Don't make me wait here
Don't make me drown in my fears
Just let me know what you'd prefer
Just speak our lost words.

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