Ten Was Tough

October 18, 2012
By stefiesmarticle BRONZE, O&#39Neill, Nebraska
stefiesmarticle BRONZE, O&#39Neill, Nebraska
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People say I was born in a barn,
And then one day got tangled in yarn.
My life although wasn’t easy, and certainly not then,
For I was only young, once only about ten.

Too young to learn and too young to die,
“Why mommy, why!?” and I let out a cry.
Why oh why has this happen to me?
Did I trip over some fallen debris?

Surgeries, IV’s, and needles galore,
I would often fall down crying, hands and knees to the floor.
Doctors, nurses, surgeons and many others,
I wrapped my arms around my worried mother.

A recovery bed, and a CNA,
Tattered blankets, with strings all frayed.
No hair on my head, and nose that just bled,
Only crackers, juice and a helping hand that fed.

Through the cuts, bruises and many scars,
And many long, black night, rides in cars.
Wounds with healing, and the bright lights,
To the city of Omaha, it’s oh what a sight.

Week’s months and even year,
In all that time I had to shed the tears.
The tears that seemed to last forever,
And then I met a Hawaiian named Trevor.

Someday when I look back,
And shade in the parts that are black.
For I know that I am still alive,
And I know that I can always thrive.

Of the story of my unregretable past,
I know that my story will always last.
Now at an age of ten plus seven,
Thanks for not taking me to heaven.

People say I was born in a barn,
And then one day got tangled in yarn.
As you can see, my life was certainly not easy,
I wish it could have been just oh so breezy.

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