Think Of Me

October 10, 2012
I hope her kiss is just like mine,
Oh so sweet, and divine.
I hope that she hold you tight,
Like I did all those nights.
I hope she plays with your cats,
And when it goes crazy it makes you laugh.
For all these things that she could do,
Is what I would do when I was with you.
And maybe if she does them too,
You'll think of me and feel real blue.
You'll think of my goofy moods,
And how I have trouble tying my shoes.
You'll think back to how I'd wanna cuddle,
When it stormed, and started to thunder.
You'll think of my shy little smile,
Wish I was yours again for a while.
But now you can have her,
With her reminding you of me for sure.
So just remember what you lost,
And that losing me for here was the cost.

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