I'll Always Find My Way

September 3, 2012
Strip me of my feathers
And push me far from grace
Make me out a beggar
But still I'll find my way

Take away the oxygen
Let fire burn to ember
Sentence me to death within
But I will not surrender

Melt down all the metal
I once used as walls
Haunt me with a devil
But still I will not fall

Burn away the landscape
Where seeds of hope would grow
Call out all my mistakes
But my courage will not slow

Shatter all my bones
Like glass falls in the wind
Say I cannot atone
But still I have no sin

Hollow hearts like ravines
And blind each loving eye
You can cut an angel's wings
But still, like light, they fly.

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ShroudedLight said...
Oct. 4, 2012 at 8:49 pm
This is seriously an inspirational piece of work you got, just like you hoped for! Those last two lines, "You can cut an angel's wings, But still, like light, they fly." That sent chills down my spine. Actually, that whole last stanza has that effect. Way to go!
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