August 15, 2012
By Renee1234 SILVER, Huntley, Illinois
Renee1234 SILVER, Huntley, Illinois
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Why must they pick on the weak?
Can they not control the insults
That come out of their mouth?
Hoping afterward they will feel exult?

Is it for their self image?
To look tough or cool?
Maybe they crave attention
That is why they do it at school

Why must they say those things?
Those words stick to you
Even if they start to stop
They make you believe it is true

But what do I know?
I am just a bystander
Why do I not act now?
Instead of waiting for later

I will now help the victim
I will tell someone about it
I will stop bullying all together
And i will never quit

The author's comments:
My mother is a victim of bullying and she was telling me stories of what happened to her in high school. I could not believe what I was hearing. Now I spread the word to stop bullying and I try to stop it as much as I can.

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