Hunger games (my summary)

June 16, 2012
By Rahne GOLD, Corry, Pennsylvania
Rahne GOLD, Corry, Pennsylvania
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Sixteen year old Katniss
Twelve year old Prim
A dad that they miss
Mother whose choices are slim

Katniss hunting with Gale
Such an illegal feat
Following her father’s trail
To make the ends meet

Soon comes the reaping
The world holds its breath
Not a child is sleeping
They are dancing with death

Kids ages twelve to eighteen
Fear grips them all tight
For they know and they’ve seen
What must happen tonight

One boy and one girl
Must be chosen by raffle
Their nervous thoughts swirl
But their emotion they muffle

Young Primrose is chosen
But Katniss steps forth as tribute
Now Prim’s heart is broken
Prim’s safety is no longer in dispute

Now the boy must be picked
It’s Peeta Mellark
Katniss’ mind clicked
Now lights the spark

With Haymitch at mentor
A train heads for the game
Where there will be slaughter
But one will earn fame

The pair asks some help
From their drunken teacher
Don’t die, then a yelp
Escapes from this victor

With a bruise on his face
And a set in his jaw
A deal is soon placed
An unwritten law

Impress all the viewers
Peeta and Katniss must do
To prevent getting skewered
And receive some help too

Now the capitols been reached
The young tributes in awe
They were robbed of speech
By what they saw

Myriads of cheering fans
In the wildest of class
Lined up like Irishmen
Ready for mass

Now is time for the parade
Katniss must be ready
Stylist, Cinna, is not afraid
With a fire burning steady

Twelve chariots, two tributes each
Ride ‘round in costumes bright
But district twelve receives most speech
As they gallop into sight

Katniss and Peeta smile and wave,
While burning capes adorn their backs
Not a hint of fear, their faces gave
As they raced along the track.

Later in the training room
Tributes work on talent, old and new
The judges watching shall assume
The job of seeing them through

Katniss now must give her all
To receive a score for shooting well
She sticks an apple to the wall
Into some punch a judge then fell

Twenty four tributes line up now
For interviews to win the crowd
But Peeta beats them, I’ll allow
By confessing love, for katniss, proud

Katniss gets ticked while Haymitch pleased
The tactic of love will get them far
All the other tributes teased
But Haymitch’s knowledge is up to par

The first day of the games has come anew
Tributes stand on discs till start
From large Thresh to little rue
All will play their different part

The count down’s done and off they go
Some dash for cover in the woods
While others fight, it’s all they know
Katniss, just barely grabs some goods

The blood bathe now is finally done
Eleven dead and more to come
Soon goes down the red hot sun
This night will be the worst for some

One night while Katniss sits up a tree
The careers com to have some fun
All she wants is to be free
There is a way but only one

Through the trees comes little rue
She bids Katniss to look up high
Katniss sees what she must do
She must make the hornets fly

Tracker jackers, like a bee
Who sting so potent could kill someone
Katniss starts to cut the branch free
Down it falls, it has begun

All involved soon get stung
Glimmer dies while other run
Thought all about, so far flung
Confusion starts to have its fun

The venom now has run its course
Katniss partners up with rue
They plan to take some food by force
As some healing leaves they chew

Lighting fires is Rue’s job
Katniss’s is to blow up some food
But Rue’s life, Marvel robs
After Katniss’ job’s done good

Soon a new rule is announced
Two from a district can survive
Off towards Peeta, Katniss pounced
She must keep her friend alive

One by one the days go by
Until the water all runs out
Off to the lake with throats so dry
Headed for the final bout

At the lake they meet Cato
The final tribute runs away
From what, Katniss and Peeta do not know
But soon they see what’s out to play

Twenty one wolves run towards the pair
The cornucopia can be what saves them
But only if they make it there
They are entertaining Panem

Their lifeline reached, they climb aboard
But Peeta’s leg by a wolf’s mouth is torn
His blood leaks out by the horde
But to save Peeta, Katniss has sworn

When Cato is upon them
A horrid struggle arose
When finally Cato has him
Peeta, whose neck, a blade is close

After minutes Cato's shot in the hand
He falls to the wolves’ snarling grasp
After such a long, long time span
He finally takes a final gasp

The pair has won, or so it seems
When the speakers start to sound
Only one can leave the seams
Of the arena’s and the areas around

So poison berries, Katniss finds
So the rules they can evade
At the count of three they decide
To allow their lives to fade

But at the last moment a speaker buzzes
Stop! Stop! Okay. You win the voice begs
But for Peeta, the moment fuzzes
From the blood loss in his leg

Later at the winners stand above
Katniss has to show the world in trouble
That she saved Peeta out of love
And not to be a rebel

And so life goes on in district twelve
With Peeta his home and Katniss her own
But she is not by her self
She’s with prim and her mother in the victor’s town

The author's comments:
this was a school assignment to summarize a favorite movie or book

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