The Unforgotten

May 30, 2012
By Anonymous

Now that I’m single,
Why do I keep seeing him everywhere?
His radiant eyes in my dreams.
His smile in every hall.
Even though we never dated,
I want to be his but then again,
I want him out of my life permanently.

I could eat,
I could eat nachos to ignore the thoughts.
I could flirt til my mouth runs dry.
But being me, music will be my escape.
Even when I get distracted,
his grass green eyes suck me in again.

I should do what’s best for me,
my brain is screaming to leave for my safety,
my heart says to stay, no one has made you this happy.
Although I’ll get hurt opening up to him,
I don’t care anymore,
I’ve opened myself enough for the to see my guts.
Why does life have to be so unfair?
Why can’t I leave him with no thoughts of him?

The author's comments:
Personal feelings and heartbreak

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