April 29, 2012
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‘Twas 11:24 PM
In that south Texas town.
The moon shining brightly,
The sun long gone down.

Yet a young boy sat up,
Straight up in his bead;
He rubbed his li’l eyes
And shook his li’l head.

The light was still on
Out in the hall he could tell,
So he crawled to investigate,
Seeing his brother, Mel.

Like a horrid old hag,
Mel was hunched by the screen;
Staring intently
At something unseen

The boy thought it curious;
Why’s is he up so late?
He finished his homework
Right after we ate.

What then, what was it?
This strange siren-song
That had hold of his brother?
Something was wrong.

The screen, it called to him,
In a voice sounding clear.
But then Mel turned round quickly,
Face full of fear.

“Mason!” he said,
“Don’t you scare me like that!”
But the boy ran away
Like a scared little cat.

For he’d seen enough
Of his brother’s strange dealings;
By the light of the screen,
And it gave him odd feelings.

‘Twas 11:50 PM
And a young man was in chains,
Seeking out images
That would rot out his brain.

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