Ballad of A Belief

April 29, 2012
By ngrimaldi BRONZE, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas
ngrimaldi BRONZE, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas
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History talks of beliefs
Many were allowed because of strife
The American people made
To quell their trifles

America began from a belief
A common spirit
of truth and justice
and complete harmony

It began from rebellion
an unfair taxation
from a foreign country
that began an attempted invasion

It ended in victory
For the side of the just
from that a new nation was born
for all of us

From that moment a belief was created
An idea of unity
a commonality of character
and a governmental trinity

Today the U.S. is taken for granted by its inhabitants
Support exists like a paper sheet
citizens waver like a flag in the wind
they reverse their views at the first sign of heat

The country has lost her sense of unity
people now are willing to give up their rights
We have become complacent with having no voice
And becoming a force that is imprecise

In order for we the people to become one again
We must have a driving force
An individual that recreates the belief
that puts us back on course
This time for the country is a time of change
A decision must be made
whether we will stand by the wayside
or once again become the sharp end of the spade

The world is a place of constant change
But the U.S. is the first place that exists not only as country but as a mentality
A place that grew strong from the heart of her people
We must show the strength of our lethality

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