Life forever ours

April 11, 2012
By Dalia123 BRONZE, Dubai, Georgia
Dalia123 BRONZE, Dubai, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

It’s hard to express feelings
When your heart’s no longer apiece
Hoping becomes a crime worse than stealing
Leaving you with neither inner joy nor peace

It’s sad to see how fast life changes
Good times fail to last long
Painful are the various acts life stages
Times when everything beings to go black and wrong

It’s really difficult to hold on
When circumstances take away the rope from you
It’s really hard to stand firm
When your ground begins to crumple and breakthrough

Life is a strange voyage
Streaming through turbulent winds and storms
Willingly its hardships does it camouflage
Failing to keep away anything out of the norm

Life is like a mould of clay
Freely taking any form or shape
In the same position, it refuses to permanently stay
Unlike paper on a board with a tape

Sometimes life resembles a cruise ship
Filled with luxury and extravagance
Even in harsh weathers, it doesn’t turn and flip
Every corner bearing surprises and presents

Sometimes life is like a wrecked vessel
Hidden beneath the towering seas
Panting and sighing, will the people, the waters wrestle
Trembling in fear from the head to the knees

Sometimes life is like the last lifeboat
Caught somewhere in the middle of the night
Floating towards the dim light shining from the lamp post
Beckoning me towards it, with its silent energy and might

Life is like a kite
Changing directions in the unpredictable breeze
Sometimes disappearing, away and out of sight
Only to emerge again, in newfound times of ease

Life bares semblance with a two-way street
It’s difficult to decide in which direction to walk
But sometimes life is like a puzzle, finally complete
Unlike monsoons without rain and speech without talk

Maybe that’s the true beauty of existence
When we’re exposed to both black and white
Eventhough it’s tough to face, never show resistance
And soon enough you’re miseries will take flight

Like Venus and Mars
Like the moon and stars
Like the spring and flowers
Like the clock and hours
Like the life that is now ours
Like the life, now forever ours

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