March 18, 2012
When asked if I could swim
I told them I would drown
When asked where my family was
I told them they left town

When asked why I do not speak
I told them without words
That the songs of the people
Are nothing like the bird’s

Their melodies are twisted
Into tunes of writhe and pain
While birds’ are pure and flawless
Clear and void of shame

Excuses are what I do best
And myself I will denounce
Perfect is a just word
I never learned to pronounce

They say that our flaws
Are what makes us human
But aren’t nightmares
Too far from dreaming?

I wanted to be perfect
Especially for you
As flawless as the birds song
Or the morning dew

But I’ll forever be in shadow
And just under your view
Why can’t you see
What’s right in front of you?

I guess I’ll just keep dreaming
And admiring from afar
You standing flat on earth
And I watching from the stars

One day I will have the courage to speak
And say what I have to say
I will be as clear as the birds’ song
And you will see, someday.

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