I Don't Feel Like Talking

February 21, 2012
Hey, how are you doing?
No I'm just fine, just pushing through
But thanks for calling
I just need a friend
Yeah you heard right, he's gone
But I don't feel like talking
I already know what you would say
That it all gets better, it stops hurting
and you know he wasn't worth it

But you've never seen him the way I have
He's such a fool when he dances
No you'll never understand him the way I can
Not afraid to chances
We've both gone through a lot
And yes, he's my best friend

So there's no way you can help me
Only he can understand
Don't tell me that the pain stops hurting
and that you know he wasn't worth it
Because I don't feel like talking

I can't get him out of my head
And there are all these memories that I'm drowning in
So many broken seam that I need to mend
And you see I just can't let go of him

You don't know him like I do
You would never understand
There's so much we've been through
I don't need no helping
Because he's the only one that can
And there's so much I have to lose
You don't love him like I do

Don't tell that the pain stops hurting
And don't say you know he wasn't worth it
No, you'll never understand
He's my best friend

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