February 6, 2012
By , Barnegat, NJ
Kimmy, why don't you come out to play today?
Mama says its not okay to be feeling this way
But if I'm smiling and your happy
Just ignore my momma and your daddy
If this is love, I don't want it to go away

At six years old you only know how you feel
If Kimmy, this is love, then allow me to kneel
And instead of a ring I'll give you a crown of flowers
You'll be my queen in this fairy tale of ours
We don't need a church, no we don't need a chapel
You get your puppy I'll get a saddle
We'll go to the swamp and get married
In front of of frogs and birds in the trees
Our noble steed with carry us
Kimmy, please, oh Kimmy

Kimmy, why is your daddy keeping you in today?
Our wedding is in an hour, there's no time to delay
If your sick, that's alright,
It wouldn't be the first time
Our parents kept us far away

At ten years old you only know how to feel
If Kimmy, this is love, I have a feeling it is real
It's been four years and we never got married
I've been trying to keep my feelings buried
You say that you and I is weird
Your words were exactly what I feared
Come to the swamp with me and be my wife
Prove it to the frogs and the birds in the trees
That you love me
Kimmy, please, oh, Kimmy.


I saw you today for the first time in ten years
You're just as pretty as I remember, only without those big ears
Your freckles have faded and your golden hair is dark
I wonder if you remember that night in the park
Where you said to me that it was gay
For you and I to be feeling that way?
Who taught you that word, and what does it mean?
Did it mean you'd never be my queen?
I still wish you were my queen...

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