COD ballad

February 9, 2012
By ADMIN BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
ADMIN BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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It all started when I got C.O.D.
A game, seemingly made by God.
It was so smooth, so crisp, so utterly perfect,
I was starting to to ask if sleeping was worth it.

Everything was going fine, except for my sleep.
I shrugged it off, even though I hadn’t in a week.
Eventually, my eating was also growing rare,
I knew I should, but I just didn’t have the time to spare.

And finally, one day, I had a revelation,
I realized that I was needing a vacation.
I dropped my controller right there, and walked out my door.
A challenge I would have never attempted before.

There was a short man, in black, as I cautiously walked out,
He was just standing there when he gave a mighty shout.
“I am your enemy” was his short speech, he also proclaimed I would soon be dead.
I asked him what I had done, “You ruined my perfect K.D.” he very coldly said.

He pulled out a gun, and told me to pray to God,
Oh how I wish I would never have started C.O.D.

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