In The Arms of a Stranger

February 2, 2012
By Emmie4494 SILVER, Hanford, California
Emmie4494 SILVER, Hanford, California
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The cold eyes match him well,
The truth from his lips is hard to tell.
I thought I knew him as good as any,
But lies he has told? Too many.

I lay here is his arms,
Thinking he can do no harm.
But here is where I am wrong,
Because I do not have long.

Long before he shatters my heart,
And my soul he takes apart.
I like within him it is hard to say,
That the man I love does not love me the same way.

So he a stranger in my life,
He gives me sadness and strife.
So why I stay with him you may ask?
Because I cannot end my loving task.

I love him too much to let him go,
So I let him use me for show.
Because that is how much I love this man,
Even though I feel as a stranger he can't.

He can't love because to him it has never been shown,
And all those people had oppurtunites blown.
He is great in his twisted way,
But there is unfortunately nothing more to say.

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