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January 25, 2012
By PhantomWolf13 PLATINUM, Slatington, Pennsylvania
PhantomWolf13 PLATINUM, Slatington, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Wisdom does not come with age. Age comes with wisdom." - Myself
"Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly." - Rosalind Russel
"Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat." - Robert Frost

Look around you
And tell me what you see
Look around you
And tell me what you want to be

We have this entire world you see
An entire planet for you to be you
A place for me to be me
And a home for us to be true

So look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
So look into my eyes
And tell me what you want to be

He have the rest of our lives
But we never know when the end will be
So don't wait to be husbands and wives
And go out to be what you want to be

Don't you see it
Don't you feel it
Can't you taste it
Can't you smell it
It's right in front of you
It's more real than me or you
It's the truth of life
That through heartache and strife
That through thick and thin
Through lose and through win
No matter what life throws
Or what we are dealt in blows
We can be anything
Isn't that why we sing?

We are free
You and me
So can't you see

Just tell me what you want to be

The author's comments:
I had one verse in my head, I liked it, so I wrote it. Just now, in about three minutes. I hope all you readers enjoy, please tell me what you think, I love feedback. Again, it was written quickly so it could be good or bad, but art is art, right?

I realized today that art, mainly writing and poetry, is my life and my dream. Although it may be a hard thing to live for, and to make a life out of...I know I can be what I want to be.

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