Sunflower Days

December 23, 2011
Could love make you go insane?
Could the distance apart make you love him more?
Cause my tears are falling like the rain,
And it hurts to know you don't feel me anymore.
But, somehow the rain comforts me,
It was warm until you left,
And the space you filled right beside me,
Is colder than I could expect.

But remember the days of our undying love?
I cried every night time,
And swore you were my sun.
Things sure have turned tables,
Since the day that you left,
But remember when we just sat there?
I hope you feel some regret.
We'll long for the nostalgia of our sunflower days.

But, I feel bad ripping out these pages,
Of memories in my head,
You know I am trying,
But I guess you never meant the words you've said.

And it's the sunflower days I look back upon,
We were star-crossed lovers,
Hand-in-hand and hip-to-hip, we sung,
I'm spiritless without you now,
But you were the love I never found.

And I'll play it over and over in my head,
What I could have done better,
And the words I should have said,
Nothing seems to justify,
The hurt in which we caused,
But I'll never forget when sunflowers
Filled your voice in every song.

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