Melissa and Chris

December 22, 2011
a hickey on her neck
a twinkle in her eye
you know that miss Melissa
is dating a brand new guy

His name is Chris
they know their gonna marry
some day they plan on having kids
now doesn't that sound scary

she rocks at volleyball
he went to state for track
these two love birds were meant to be
and that's an honest fact

sometimes he likes to wear her clothes
even though they make him look gay
but its all good and normal
because their love won't go away

they've been dating for awhile
but get into fights quite often
eventually they're better
and their feuds are long forgotten

they write each other letters
explaining their undying love
their two puzzle pieces meant to be
or two poised and graceful doves

so there you have it Melissa and Chris
their love will never die
how do i know this? because I'm smart
and I never tell a lie.

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