I Told You So

January 6, 2012
I sit in the back of class
Scribbling away with my pen
You're in the front row
Surrounded by guys laughin'
How did this happen?
You're not the person I knew back then

Remember the nights we would stay up late
Watching movies and eating popcorn
Dancing in your living room
Like today was our only day

She floats through the hallways
And sometimes she seems so goofy and the same
But then someone walks up to us
and whisks her away

On her birthday she put on an act
All these people she hardly knew
Talking behind your back
They didn't care and she knew it deep down
But she played it off fine mending the cracks

I give her another chance
Everytime she wants to revisit times we had
And then she lets me down with her hard exterior
Who are you and what did you do with the girl who used to laugh

Now you're wearing things you shouldn't
Doing things you said you wouldn't
Saying things I thought you couldn't

The thing I can't figure out
The one thing that bugs me the most

Every bit of you that's different
You seem to shield from the world
And all those faces you call your friends
Have never been here like I've been
And after all the loose ties and bitter ends
You tell me, "You told me so."

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