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December 16, 2011
By HannahIloveyoulynne BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
HannahIloveyoulynne BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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I love you
You are my light
Even though it sometimes dims
I need you here to make my day

If we can’t speak I get so weak
A feeling of lost and sorrow comes in my head
I know I shouldn’t think down
But how can’t I not when you’re not around

I love you more than anything
I have given you my heart to love
So please keep it safe
And love and cherish it everyday

This isn’t just about my heart your matters too
And to me it matters even more than mine
Even though times got rough
And battle scars were made

Don’t let the little things ruin everything
Because it’s a lot to let go
Don’t give up on me
Because I could never give up on you

I can’t stop loving you
I need you here all the time
Even when times are tense
I keep runnin back

You keep me strong
And whenever I feel like giving up
I think of you and keep holding on
Because you mean everything

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