Dreams of the Unconscious Minds

December 16, 2011
By softball6 PLATINUM, Humansville, Missouri
softball6 PLATINUM, Humansville, Missouri
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*^^^LET DREAMS FLY, BEFORE THEY DIE^^^*---sarah brothers

Dreams can be crazy things
Swimming around your head,
While your laying under the covers
At night in your warm bed.

There are many types of dreams,
Such as weird, scary, and hilarious.
The cause of all these dreams
Is going to bed delirious

Ranging from giant hamsters
To downright scary places,
And all the way to things happening
With a few familiar faces.

They say you usually dream
About what you have in mind,
Before you go to sleep,
And what new things you find.

But when I think of something good,
I never dream of that.
Instead I dream of being chased,
By gummy bears and bats.

I never really understood my dreams,
They always kept me thinking.
But every time I have another dream,
I feel my I.Q. shrinking.

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