November 29, 2011
the boy who lived

there was once a boy wizard who was brave, kind, and wise.

he had his mother's brilliant green eyes.

his hair was black

and stuck up in the back

he was once 'the boy who lies'

he had round glasses framing his face

and at one year old raced a dark wizard's grace

voldemort, a wizard feared around the world,

came to his house and curses he hurled.

both the boys parents were killed at his hand

but the boy was voldemort's biggest demand.

he crept to the crib and pulled out his wand,

but when the curse fired, HE, voldemort, was gone.

the boy survived with but a scar, a tiny part of his past,

and after eleven years voldemort was gone at last.

so while the wizards rejoyed the boy had to go

to his aunt and uncle to learn and grow.

this aunt and uncle and their fat son dudley

hated wizards and magic and werent very cuddley.

the boy was mistreated for eleven long year,

until Hagrid came and he lost all his fears.

Hagrid told him what his relitives could not:

that at being a great wizard he had a shot.

so then the boy went to a magical school,

and met ron and hermione, who were pretty cool.

in his first year he beat voldemort once more,

and met a wise wizard named dumbledore.

in the secord year things were weird.

a giant snake that had been feared

for fifty years rose again,

aided by voldemort's 15 year old ghost-self who then

announced his name to be tom riddle

and the snake and the boy were caught in the middle.

but the boy killed the snake and tom riddle too

and started his 3rd year fresh and new.

in the third year at Hogwarts school,

there was a new teacher thought to be a fool.

Remus Lupid didnt seem to be good,

but he taught the boy that he could,

defeat dementors, which were creepy soul-suckers,

and find the man who had helped kill his mother.

for 13 long years a man named sirius black

had been in prison, but he was back.

the boy and his friends tracked down the man,

only to find he was innocent and ran,

to find ron's rat, who was really a man.

the bad rat/man escaped, but sirius was free

the boy was upset yet be jumped with glee

unitl the 4th year, when a world cup was held,

the world cup of quidditch, a wizard sport that was swell.

voldemort's followers showed up at the cup

and voldemort's symbol was fired up.

then the boy was chosen to compete in 3 tasks,

agains students from 2 other schools: 2 boys and a lass.

he had to battle a dragon, swim through a lake,

and race through a maze without a break.

when he won all three things,

something happened that wasnt quite keen.

the boy had to battle voldemort in the flesh,

they were throwing curses without a rest.

another boy died, but this boy escaped,

but when it was dark he had nightmares till late.

in the fifth year no one would believe

that voldemort had returned from the dead and was free.

the boy was sad to be full of lies,

so an army he had to rise.

he gather some kids, ron and hermione too,

and taught them all the defensive magic he knew.

so if voldemort came and attacked the school,

the boy and "Dumbledor's Army" could defeat the bad fool.

then the boy learned by voldemort had come

to his house and tried to kill him when he was one.

a prophecy said, "neither can live while the other survives,"

this knowledge changed both their lives.

voldemort needed to hear the whole thing himself,

so he tricked the boy into getting it from a shelf.

and when voldemort's follwers attacked,

the boy lost his godfather, sirius black.

in the 6th year hemione liked ron,

but he was too busy with lavender brown.

dumbledor told the boy something important:

that voldemort had made 7 horcruxes, which meant

that unless they were destroyed

voldemort could never truly die.

the boy and dumbledor went to a cave

to find a horcrux they needed to save.

but while they were gone hogwarts was attacked

and when the came back

dumbledore was killed

so the boy was filled

with rage at voldemort, who had killed nearly everyone,

thus the seventh year begun.

Hogwarts school was taken over,

so the boy, hermione, and ron left for sure.

they went on a run through the country,

to find horcruxes they needed to destroy.

a cup, a sword, a book, a ring,

a crown, a snake, and a locket, they had everything.

the boy faced voldemort but failed

and he was killed, voldemort was killed.

but he was the last horcrux, so he returned,

and then voldemort learned

that he had finally met his match

and the boy killed him, just like that.

so there was triumoth and justice at last.

voldemort's reign was a thing of the past.

so the boy, harry potter, was finally done.

voldemort's terror was totally gone.

and harrry lived forever happily

with his sons and daughter and wife ginny

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E.S.BlackThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Feb. 13 at 6:56 am
great poem....plz read mine too
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