October 7, 2011
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Deepest mysteries all around,
Trees and ferns canopy surround.
In a mumble he said, ’brother I fear’
‘Shush. Worry not. I’ll take care’.
Darkness inevitable eloped nature
Every turn pulled them deeper.
Dark frescos hidden in shadows
Frighten the eye that travel.

Two brothers in the woods lost
Shivering and chattering in the night’s frost.
The big brother took the little’s hand in his,
Together trying to ward of the forest’s eerie hiss.
The elder one fumbled in his pockets,
His fingers clasped the cold metal sharp.

Holding hands they trod in dread.
Poor souls lost.
A silent tear escaped the kid’s eye,
Brother hearing the sob whispered
‘don’t cry’.
The wind howled,
The rustling grew loud.
In the darkness a pair of eyes gleamed,
A brawn phantom.

The tiger’s sound resounded
Their hearts hammered.
With each distinct paw thump
The end drew perilously nearer.
‘don’t move’
Even with the words big brother
Tom took a leap.

With an agile he attacked
Little brother Ray in shock
Cried out and backed.
The tiger a monster eyed the boy
Deadly muscles flexed.
Harmed with just a knife Tom charged,
With no fear only duty.
What was a little boy to a beast?
Just a flesh meager.

But that night held miracles
Happenings never before.
For the boy blinded in the night,
Plunged the tiger’s heart.
Deep dark blood oozed out.
The cries and roars silenced
Voices of Nox again balanced.
Ray, in tears called ‘Tom?’
The loveliest voice said

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Hema said...
Nov. 17, 2011 at 8:09 am
Very creative. Tender love between brothers poetically depicted. Strong emotions against wild nature. Shakespeare's influence seen. Good attempt. Proud of you
manisha replied...
Nov. 17, 2011 at 9:56 am
thank you so much!
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