Like A Razor

September 26, 2011
Let me tell you a story
A story about a girl
Whose life was taken for a woeful whirl

It all started in 4th grade
A smart Catholic schoolgirl
With not a care in the world
One tragic accident
Her life is flipped up side down
And now she wears a frown

Harsh names and threats
No help at all
Slowly she starts to fall
A girl without a father
And now with every care in the world

A family split apart in every direction
Her life is a downward spiral
Changes for the best
And changes for the worst.
All she wants is a little love
And she's going anywhere to get it

Suddenly, her mom has a change in mind
And now she’s thrown into a different world
Months go by and everything’s fine
Then things go back to how they were
Harsh rumors and lies
She starts to think nothing will ever change.

Judged in the holiest of places
She has no where to turn
Every day harsh looks and words
Things begin to burn
No one gets what it’s like
Each word is like a razor to the skin

“HELP ME,” she cries
Numb is all she feels
Tears and sighs
Are all that’s left
To show she’s still alive

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