I Don't Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

September 23, 2011
I don't know why the caged bird sings of freedom. In his heart, he knows he will never be free; his cries for help are only wasting time, as if he has somewhere else to be. No matter how many songs he sings, this cage is where he'll forever remain. Until his heart stops beating, in this iron asylum, he will go insane. The notes of his song can't carry him away, in this cage he will stay. The melody won't save his soul, he's trapped until forever and a day. His imagination is all he has, so he closes his eyes to see. The world is his creation, it is whatever he wants it to be. Then, his eyes open to reality where he's locked away like a criminal. His life was stolen by someone else, making him turn cynical. His hope is crushed by his dreams of freedom, because the bars are all that he can see. He's been sentenced to life inside a cage and someone threw away the key. His heart is in the dark, even in the light of day; for what's the point of having wings if you can't fly away?

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