Not So Picture Perfect

October 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Picture perfect memories,
Hanging up on the wall for all to see.
I know nothing is ever perfect,
Can we all pretend at least?

The smiles in the pictures all look surreal,
Straight out of a dream, a story of a happy family.

The pictures tell a story,
of a boy and a girl who fell in love,
They had the perfect little family,
With no problems to speak of.

They had a little boy and girl,
Who were loved beyond belief.
Never had to go without,
They never were sad or felt grief.

The story tells of holidays,
Always spent together with smiles.
Happy memories with lots of love,
Never going through any trials.

But this is real life, in all actuality,
It's a sad sad story in all of reality.

Behind the pictures is the hurt,
The drugs and the lies,
Poor children being torn apart,
The real story can't be denied.

Pictures hide the hurt,
The midnight fighting and tears,
Children hiding in their rooms,
Shaking with complete fear.

Nothing is perfect, but can we pretend,
The story of the perfect family never had to end.

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