September 25, 2011
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Red yellow strokes spread all across the sky,

strong breeze whistled in the vast field of wheat and rye.

the morNing rays of light sizzling bright,

early birds with a call take flight.

greenest grass moist with dew,

fishes in the ponds surface in search of food new.

a deep breath in the finest weather,

holding hands they jump together.

"careful Lily!', Jim said

hurrying around the steps steadily.

in the distant fields a cherry blossom spreads wide,

to its strongest branch a swing tied.

"push me higher Jim, higher!"

"oh please do!next time i'll be the maid and you the sire"

with a grin of satisfaction on his face,

she flew high up her hair waving back in grace.

dawn mingled with their laughter,

poor innocent souls of eight.

when it seemed Lily almost reached the sky,

Jim held his breath in fear for her and sad with a cry.

"Lily now come down!don't you remember we have to go to the town?"

Lily shook her head as she went higher up,

"oh dear beautiful sky, take me to your castle and to you i'll bow"

with a scowl Jim said,'well if you want to go to your sky"

"i wont push you up any high!"

"but your my best friend jim!'

"i will be only if you will come along for a swim"

years passed by, days unknown,

their lives's up and downs, fixed and torn.

both fighting oblivion,

a war they almost won.

a bright morning day,

everything looked so very gay.

yet even this beauty was missing something,

today everything felt empty and nothing.

Lily stood tall and slender in the field,

to her emotions did she yield.

"Jim i'll be the maid and you can be the sire"

"but please come back, i dont want to go any higher."

friends over time they were,

for each other they immensely cared.

but lose and tears make part of life,

your only strength sweetest memories left.

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The Illusionist said...
Oct. 7, 2011 at 8:53 am

I liked the poem...I think there are some errors...Just check...i will keep checking this space for more of your work...

Good Going! Cheers!



manisha replied...
Oct. 8, 2011 at 2:23 am


yes, i will certainly look into the errors.

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