September 25, 2011
In the hospital bed the mother lays, as she looks into her Childs shining face,

She will hold it to her heart; it is there the love will start.

As she carries it threw the door, to the baby the world adores,

All too soon the first year comes; mother’s love outshines the sun,

Now comes a mothers worst fear, the child has hit the dreaded teen years,

The teenager yells and argues and hates, but a mother’s love you should never underestimate,

For threw thick and thin and thunder and rain, a mothers love will never stray,

The teenager has been blown away; a man now stands in its place,

The mothers grown old yet her heart is strong when it comes to her darling son,

Her limbs are weak her mind is old, but her love will always hold,

Now she lays in a hospital bed, while she waits for the Grimm reapers dread,

Her son is by her side, and she can tell he’s about to cry,

It is then that she knows, that he’s grateful for all that she’s done,
With this knowledge she’s at peace, as she begins to fall asleep.

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