Because She Loved You

September 29, 2011
Every night she sits and cries,
Pain in her heart broken eyes,
Inside more and more she dies,
Because she loved you.

Down her cheeks the tears they stain,
She's always and forever in hurtful pain,
Getting closer and closer to her vain,
Because she loved you.

Now shes done with all the strife,
She already gave up on her life,
Shes gonna end this with a knife,
Because she loved you.

Through this all she was so brave,
But now we sit here at her grave,
crying for the life we could not save,
Because she loved you.

No one knew it would end this way,
And now with nothing left to say,
We sit and mourn on this day,
Because she loved you.

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mrsenesitive said...
Oct. 3, 2011 at 10:43 am

i love it i could never be this good


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