I Just Need More Attention

September 6, 2011
By Forestfire BRONZE, Roseville, California
Forestfire BRONZE, Roseville, California
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I mostly thrive on daydreams and boys,
My imaginary toys
Inside my hiding place,
Sometimes lose track of days

My original sin’s vanity;
I just, really love me
Got my way again
I got my way again

But I’m ignored
-When it comes to my mother I-
Now I just want her to move along
Yet it’s her I’d never want to hurt

I’m wishing I was rich and in demand;
I don’t wanna wash my own dishes
I’d rather dream all day
I’d rather live my dreams

I’m slaving over homework for school
I’d rather be,well I’d rather be a superstar
Always get swept away,
I,Always get swept away

Oh and I want more when it comes to my fate
Oh yeah I want it all
I want it all
But I keep losing patience
At those doors

My therapist,
She says I have a problem
That I need to count my blessings
But I just need more attention

Can’t they tell?
Every time they go and leave me
I can only keep on dreaming
That I just need something meaningful?
When they turn I try harder
Thinking maybe then they’ll look longer
Really wanna impress them all
Feel such a strong the need to
look perfect

And when there’s fame
And possibility of fortune
Thousand of enablers screaming my name
I’ll turn to them
I’ll have to turn to them
They’ll just watch me turn to them until I’m gone

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