The Ballad To My Angel

August 10, 2011
Come my way, be my guardian,
Take me from this living he**
My heart pains to be with you,
To leave this d***ed, cold cell

Spread your wings, black with death
Caress me like you always do
Protect me from the demons inside
I promise my heart will stay true

Take your sword, pure of light
Dipped in the waters of His Holiness
Strike down evil where it stands
Destroying the wicked, saving the blessed

Eyes filled with the thirst to kill
Arms covered with stitches and scars
Dried with blood, tired from battle
Wishing I hadn’t been taken so far

Mi angelito, my little angel
Rest your head on my shoulder
I’ll clean you off, clothe you, give you food
I’ll love you forever and moreover

“I will never leave you
I will never lie
I’ll never stop protecting you
And never bring tears to your eyes.”

His massive hands rested on my cheeks
A beat, my heart did miss
He leaned and planted on my lips
A sweet, feather light kiss

My eyelids grew heavy
My legs grew unstable
I tried to walk but
I wasn’t able…to

I heard the singing voices
As seraphim filled the air
Heaven called down to me
The feeling was true and fair

To our room, he carried me
And laid me on the bed,
Gently as a newborn,
He placed a pliant kiss on my head.

“I’ll always love you,
My beautiful wife,
But God is calling me
I must leave this life.”

I felt his tears
As he tried to stay
But the window opened
And he flew away.

I stand by the windows
Where he left me alone
I look at our children,
Wiser they’ve grown

And wait patiently
As the fire in me burns
For I know that one day
He will soon return.

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