To Sea and Shore

August 5, 2011
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The wind caresses at her dress
The Wind a cold convincing breath
She stands alone guided by the stars
Hands gripping frozen iron bars.
Wisps of golden hair fly from her head
Above black water she surely dreads.
Her feet are merely bricks riveted to steel
Is this what it must come to
Just to feel?…

She hasn’t ever met the ocean
Not in quiet circumstance
She had meant to go with him someday
Will she still have the chance?
In her dreams she had it all
She was a mother and a wife
But that day she knew true fear
Through horror, pain, and strife…

She stands here all alone
The flag holds strong and true
“If only that was me, if only
I had you. I could be strong
And hold onto my faith, but
Without you here, there is a taste
Of failure, longing, of lost hope
Your arms were all I had ever

The waves convincing, whisper true
From many miles down below
Screaming out unto the heavens
“This is not the life I chose!
Why must I go through life
Without my lover, my one true friend?
Do the means justify the end?
Am I one more to be lost
To be cradled by the sand?

“Is there purpose to this life?
Or is it just a leap of faith?
Am I just broken and weak?
Is my home amongst the waves?”

She expects no reply
For clouds have no ears
There’s no voice to supply reason
When all you have is fear.
Yet fear can make us stronger
When it’s truly just begun
To help give us our strength
When all we are is one.

Against the world, against a wall
She can see them under her feet
Her husband and her child
Drifting underneath the sea.
They have accepted their lives to live
For them there is no before.
Just a candle and a grave
A forever open door.

She’s made up her mind
For the last time
The past is all but hers.
She clutches her cross, thanking Him
His strength has shown her the way
From eternal darkness she emerges

For before she steps, I pray.

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