The History Of You And I

August 5, 2011
By BBuller GOLD, Flin Flon, Other
BBuller GOLD, Flin Flon, Other
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Many men have made mistakes
But I have seen mine upon Her skin.
I write inside a four by six
For a crime, I swear, did not commit.

I’ve been told people come and go
But they still affect your life
They are with you ‘til the end,
Through victory and through strife

These lessons are often learned
Usually by the twisted hands of fate
You do your best to hold them back
But Time breaks through the gates.

Many people are left hollow
With His often cruel trials
Some will make it through the storm
Most are left with just denial

Again I write to you
For no other soul I trust
I just need to tell you now
There must be a way, there must.

Five long summers ago
In a town I only just remember
Lived a girl I still hold dear
She was brought here in September.

I came back to her, I did
On a whisper, yet a prayer
She briefly destroyed my every thought
With Her dark mysterious hair.

Finally I did come back
With lilacs in the waiting
To repair some broken bridges
The words to say I was debating.

We ambled through the bar
As I placed an order for our drinks
There she was in front of me
And I couldn’t even think.

We exchanged some passing remarks
About the world, about the sky
I couldn’t help but thinking
How I longed to stare into her eyes.

What a fool that man had been
To ever let Her go
And yet here we are again
Time to get on with the show

We finally made our way out
Through double paint-chipped doors
I wanted to know what happened,
“What happened to us before?”

She told me the reason here and now
In a place I had only seen
Described to me in prose
That when she wrote about, she beamed.

But now her face was sullen,
Ash-coloured like the clouds
She could not live there for the past
She lives for the here and now.

I wanted to tunnel deeper
Into a mine I once knew well
But here with me she seemed
Just a shadow of Herself

A look told me all I needed to know
I have seen a few already
To know what they meant deep within
To someone who was ready.

No words were spoken then
None needed to be said
I just looked her in the eye,
Told Her, “I’ll try and understand.”

We walked onto First Avenue South
She said she lived this way
I just wanted to sort this out
I just wish that I could pray.

For a love who lost Her way
In the gorgeous sounds and lights
I just wanted her to be happy
And drift to sleep that night.

She told me of her tribulations
Her worries and her fears
She said she couldn’t take it
It all would end right here

The harbour boats of the river Green
Were all but unfazed and unaware
Of the struggle between life and death
A hundred feet into the air.

She told me she had had enough
Of a life she was forced to live
Through restless nights of evil dreams
She told me this was it.

I had plead with Her to my last breath
“Please, this is a mistake!
What about family? Friends?
In my life you have a place!”

She had deftly made her way
To an edge of rusty steel
She looked at the waves
I feel our fates had been sealed.

Through my yelling to deaf ears,
I knew I had to take my course.
To do nothing at all right now
Would fill me with remorse.

The only bridge to Her and us
Was but a thin, stressed wire
I decided that was enough
I followed Her into the fire.

The open water lay before us
I grasped her hand in mine
I pulled her close and prayed
And saw into peaceful eyes.

Many men have made mistakes
But I have seen mine upon Her skin.
I write inside a four by six
For a crime I did not commit.

The author's comments:
Written about a girl I know and what I imagine may happen in the future, but I don't want it to. Fiction.

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